Organic Baby Products & Green Toys

Today parents are more conscientious and aware regarding the materials that are in the products being used by their babies than ever before. From clothing and bedding to toys and strollers moms and dads have become very knowledgeable about harmful materials that may be contained in baby products and therefore many more are looking into organic baby products and green toys that not only help protect your baby but also the environment they grow up in.

One area of baby products that has received a lot of media attention lately is baby mattresses. Since newborns spend approximately 70% of their early days sleeping it is imperative that the mattress they sleep on and the blankets and bedding they use is all-natural and won’t cause skin irritations.

Moonlight Slumber and Naturepedic both design a full selection of organic crib mattresses, mattress pads and sheets to provide an all-natural, 100% organic environment for your baby to rest in.

Another baby product that has many parents concerned is baby clothes. Plenty of materials can be used to design onesies, pajamas and other baby outfits but not all are recommended for babies and children and if you are in the market for comfortable, warm and safe baby clothing consider 100% organic clothes from Baby Star and Paige Lauren.

Featuring classic Kimonos, rompers with feet padding, girl dresses and baby jumpers made from only 100% organic cotton and super soft organic soy cotton the collections of Baby Star and PaigeLauren have excellent selections for parents who care about the materials touching their baby’s skin. With all organic clothing, you can rest easy knowing your baby is growing up in safe and comfortable clothing.

People love to shower newborns with toys and gifts but as any parent knows most of those toys end up in the baby’s mouth and if the materials used to make the toys are not safe and organic your baby could be put at risk. To play it safe look for green toys made from popular brand name designers including Haba and miYim.

From safe building blocks made from beech wood and acrylic to certified organic baby blankies in the shape of gentle and sweet animals such as bunnies and monkeys, there is a great selection of eco-friendly green toys to give your baby a safe gift to play with.

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