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Celebrate the 8th Annual Dead Poets Remembrance Day

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Last Year We Reached Our 600th Poet's Grave!

After 8 years "On The Road" in Dedgar The Poemobile we've covered 44-States and 625 poets' graves on this pilgrimage of Finding Frost. Along the path we've met hundreds of amazing people.

Now we are going through hundreds of hours of historic footage as we continue work on the feature documentary film "Finding Frost: Poets and Their Graves." We hope to launch a crowdfuning effort in 2018 so we can hire a professional editor.

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Celebrate Dead Poets Remembrance Day 2016

The 2016 Dead Poets Remembrance Day celebrations will be the 7th year US communities have held commemorations for their past bards. Our blog has lots of links to past celebrations so that you can get some ideas of what is being done in other communities.

@ Meet at a poet's grave;

@ Meet in a bookstore or library

@ Make it part of a previously-scheduled poetry reading or literary celebration

@ Take poetry to a public park or place and hand out poems to read

About the Literary Holiday

The first National Dead Poets Remembrance Day (DPRD) was celebrated on October 7th, 2010 in various locations across the country. It developed after Dedgar The Poemobile and the Dead Poet Guy visited the graves of over 150 poets and with the endorsement of 20 former and then-current State Poets Laureate.

The holiday has grown since then into an annual celebration that seeks to remember and honor our nation's past poets through community readings of their works and remembrances of their lives. Celebrating Dead Poets Remembrance Day is a unique way to enrich our cultural commons by annually "digging up" the treasures of our poetic past and resurrecting them in the public imagination.

* The official date of the holiday is October 7th – the day that Edgar Allan Poe died, and the day that James Whitcomb Riley was born – however, since that often falls on a weekday, celebrations may be held on the weekend days closest to October 7th. The idea for Dead Poets Remembrance Day developed as mixture El Dia Des Los Muertos (Day of the Day), All Souls Day, and how various communities continue to celebrete their dead poets (see list below).